Friday, 11 February 2011

Abikyokan GOLD

The Abikyokan lads have been hard at work (well, at work) in the studio crafting their latest album Star Panic and getting ready for the next Farm Party at Asagaya Gamuso on March 20th, which will see them rocking with talented and sexy old friends TropeN and Makino Eri and some nice if strangely-written new ones, comorevi-ButtEr fLy!

For now though, enjoy some ollllld Abikyokan from the 2004 model of Jacob Arntson, Tatsumi Ochiai, Grant McGaheran, Keitaro Endo and Ben Frost (above, in a pub, in 2004).
Head on over to the Abikyokan Posterous for the first in a series of Abikyokan Gold blogs, featuring a newly-remastered Comatose Baby, comments from the lads and photos from back in the day.

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