Friday, 10 December 2010

Krissmiss with the Kyokans!

Yes, it's Christmas time akimbo, and the Abikyokan boys have made a series of very, very special seasonal podcasts for you to "enjoy". We spent the night of Friday December 3rd getting dwunk at Jake's, and the edited results can now be marvelled at. Starting with Part 1 today, you'll be able to hear and download all these podcasts over at the all-new glitzy Abikyokan Posterous. Keep checking there for all our latest recordings and snappy snaps.
The same festive night we also recorded a cover of Prince's glorious "Another Lonely Christmas". This will be in the last podcast episode, possibly around the 25th. Stay chooned.
From all the Abikyokans, may you have a wonderful wintertime with your nearest and dearest, and emerge in 2011 happier, healthier and significantly more funky.
Peace, Love & B Wild, Abikyokan xoxoxo

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