Friday, 26 November 2010

Abi Updates: Star Panic, Xmas and Halloween...

AbiNation! This is the AbiLads!
Sorry this blog has been quiet for a while. Rest assured, we haven't been.
We're currently working on our new album Star Panic, which should be ready early next year. It will include glorious new recordings of live favourites like Fine Girl and a host of unheard pop explorations, all bashed out with our new live drums recording set up.
We've played a few hugely enjoyable and rocking shows, one of which you can hear on Grant's Posterous blog here.
Just before Jake and Craig go home for Christmas, we're hoping to record our usual very, very special Christmas podcast message for you all, along with a suitably insane cover. At the moment we're torn between Prince's Another Lonely Christmas and the Gazprom song.
Stay tuned, more soon come!

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