Saturday, 28 August 2010

Abikyokan live at Farm Party #3 at Asagaya Gamuso 9/5/2010

The full Abikyokan line-up of Craig, Grant, Jake and Tatsumi will be appearing at the third Farm Party event, organized by Tokyo Gig Guide, next Sunday September 5th! We'll be joined for a number of songs by our ace singer Sawako Murata, and the other bands playing live are the fantastic Psocoase and 1000s Of Cats.
There'll be DJs too - our friends Mu-tan and Antonio Yodobashi, plus all the Abikyokan members spinning the tunes.
The event kicks off at 6.30pm and costs just 1000 yen (plus one drink order).
Come rock mit der Abi!

Place: Gamuso, Asagaya
Charge: 1000円 plus one drink order
Start: 18:30

18:30 DJs
19:00 DJ Grant McGaheran
19:30 Psocase Live
20:00 DJ Antonio Yodobashu
21:00 DJ Mu-tan
21:30 1000s Of Cats Live
22:00 DJ Goatherd
22:30 DJ Craig eee

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