Saturday, 10 April 2010

Abikyokan live at Farm Party #2 at Asagaya Gamuso 4/17/10

The all-new five member Abikyokan will make its live debut this Saturday, April 17th, at Asagaya Gamuso. The lovely new Abilads are Tokyo Gig Guide and Walkie Talkie Cornfield's Craig Exton and Grant's Belgium Internet partner Brendan Smith.
Brendan is missing from the above band shot, unfortunately. We considered adding him as a blue ghost like in that video of that band... But here's a photo of him in Belgium Internet guise instead.
Hope you like the new sound!

We'll be sharing the bill with some great artists, and Gamuso is a unique and wonderful venue, so don't miss it!

presented by Tokyo Gig Guide
4/17/2010 (Saturday)
@ Asagaya Gamuso
Start: 19:00
Charge: 1500 yen (including one drink)
Belgium Internet
tsuma-saki (featuring Makino Eri)
Akane Hosaka
Living Astro
Craig eee
Timebred (Gaijin Tonic and Wild Mood Swings)

Here's the Facebook event page and Tokyo Gig Guide event page.

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