Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Abikyokan live for Japan Music Week 11/13/09

Good evening everyone and everybody and hello.
Abikyokan will be performing this Friday, November 13th, at Under Deer Lounge in Shibuya, as part of the International Bands event for Japan Music Week.
The event starts at 6pm, is 1000 yen advance and 1500 yen on the door. Which is pretty cheap for the chance to see the Kyokan strutting their schtuffs in a place that has deer heads on the wall.
Unfortunately, we haven't been told yet what time we're on, so if possible please come from the start. And if I find out before the show, I'll try to update the blog or mail anyone interested in coming.
Here's the Facebook page, with more information and contacts.
It'll be the full beauty of Abi on stage - Jake, Tats and I reunited live for the first time since May, with our glorious vocalist Murata Sawako joining us too.
Sadly, our newest member, Tatsumi's bird (above) will have to stay in his cage for the night, but he may well end up on some forthcoming recordings.
See y'all there, and if it's unpredictable, then at least we can booze together.
Gra x

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