Monday, 21 September 2009

Abikyokan - Novaya Zemlya 9/22/09

The new album Novaya Zemlya is out today!
The release party is at Unispo in Shibuya, and the tracks are:
1. This Is The Intro
2. One More Way
3. Demon's Door
4. Bemegyek
5. Halfway
6. Tsar Bomba
7. Billy Fibs
8. Curtains
9. Umbrella
10. Tiger Law
11. Good Morning Afrika
12. ESP
13. The West Is The Best

Read a track by track overview on Grant's blog here.
The album is available on a limited edition CD (contact us!) and hopefully soon on the digital intraweb. We're very pleased with our new album and hope you can all find something to rock your mind within. Comments welcome.

ABIzentral xo

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