Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Novaya Zemlya Delay...

Abi fans. We'll be straight with you. Our new album Novaya Zemlya will not be available at the Novaya Zemlya Release Party on April 11th. The recording itself is finished, but as Tatsumi has been amazingly busy due to his new baby, he hasn't been able to produce all the songs to the high standards we strive for. We could offer you the album unfinished, but having spent three years recording it to make it just right, it would be a terrible shame to cut corners at this late hour. We think Novaya Zemlya is the best work we've ever done, by far, and want it to be absolutely perfect when it comes out. So, please, everybody, give Tatsumi a few more weeks to polish up the sound, and accept this picture of him as a mutant fusing with his son Raven by way of apology.
The April 11th event will still be going ahead of course, with an expanded line-up of sheer quality - Makino Eri, TropeN, Trinitron and Abikyokan live on stage and DJs Grant McGaheran, Antonio Yodobashi and Mu-tan. And we'll be offering you an EP of all-new music, featuring the collaborations we recently recorded with Eri, TropeN and Psy-vogue, a remix from Dakko and a brand new Abikyokan song, Spectrum, unavailable anywhere else. Because we love you.

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