Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Live In Hirai On Saturday!

Abikyokan will be hosting a live and DJ event at Hirai Arutobenri on Saturday April 11th! A brand new CD, the Spectrum EP, will be on sale for 200 yen. It's the first Abi gig since last August, the line-up is magnificent, the place Hirai and a whole load of new songs to be heard, both live and on CD. Go deh!

Open and start : 18.30
Charge: 2000 yen plus 1 drink (use the flyer above for a 10% discount!)

Makino Eri

Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Antonio Yodobashi (Rabadas Cinema Clube)

Aftershow party from 21:30 at Shizu (follow us!)

*Directions to the livehouse:
Hirai is on the Sobu line, 12 minutes from Akihabara. Go out of the north exit at the station and turn left. Keep going. You'll see Doutor and a takoyaki shop on the left. Keep going down the street with the train tracks to your left. At the end of the street, turn right. Arutobenri is there.

The CD:

1. Spectrum
2. Candle Ghost (featuring Makino Eri)
3. Silver Cat (featuring TropeN)
4. Death For Wheels Dub (featuring Psy-vogue)
5. ESP (Dakko extended remix)

The first four are brand new songs, and track five is a remix by Dakko of a track from the forthcoming Abikyokan album Novaya Zemlya.

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