Friday, 17 April 2009

Live and DJ dates for May!

Huge thanks and love to everyone who came to see Abikyokan on April 11th. We had a magnificent time and really appreciated all the positive feedback about our performance and new CD. Special thanks go to Brendan Smith who turned out to be an exceptional, amazing guest member, to Trinitron, Makino Eri and TropeN for their awesome sets and to Mu-tan and Antonio Yodobashi for super mood-enhancing DJing and, in the case of Antonio, truly awe-inspiring organization skill too. Some copies of the Spectrum EP are still available, but hurry as there's seriously limited! Get in touch with us if you'd like one. Meanwhile, enjoy the opening song from our set, ESP, on The livehouse made a fairly poor quality recording, but Brendan has mixed it to a much better quality.

May will see Tatsumi making a welcome return back to Abi live riffage, having had a bit of time off to take care of his beautiful new baby daughter Kate. We'll be playing two shows during next month. The first one is

Saturday May 23rd
13complex vol.12~NOW JAPAN TOUR
Otsuka MEETS
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30
2300円 advance, 2800 on the day (plus drink)
Makino Eri
and art performance by matocotoshuco!

What a line up! Eri (above, on the right) always does superb events, but this looks like being the best ever. We'll be playing a similar set to last time, so if you missed us in Hirai, make sure you don't miss this show, not only for the Magic of Abi but also for the other musical treats in store.
You can reserve tickets a this
And check out the 13complex blog for updates.

On May 30th, we'll join Kevin Daly and Gavin Nodder for another Big Jugs event a Nishiogikubo Bin Spark. No details about this at the moment, other than we'll be there and rocking, but will update as and when.

Before these two events, on May 15th there'll be a chance to see both Grant McGaheran and Antonio Yodobashi DJ at a new event called Udigrudi in Ebisu. Updates soon!

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