Thursday, 19 March 2009

Grant McGaheran DJ dates

Grant has some spring DJ manifestations coming up. This coming Saturday, March 21st, he's due to (C)DJ at Kevin Daly and Gavin Nodder's TBJET event at Bin Spark in Nishiogikubo. Acts include Kev and Gav's own punk rocking Royal Inserts and Molice. Grant will be manning the tunes from 7-7.30, so do come and buy him a beer. The whole shebang kicks off at 6.30.
Saturday April 11th sees Abikyokan's album release party for Novaya Zemlya at Hirai Arutobenri. Grant will be DJing 7.30-8, before a set by the magnificent TropeN. This will be a proper, all-records set, and Abikyokan's favourite DJ Antonio Yodobashi (アントニオヨドバ氏) (above, top) from the Rabadas Cinema Clube will also be spinning his excellent South Americana.
On May 15th both Yodobashi and Grant are due to play a new and very interesting-looking event called Udigrudo at Enjoy House in Ebisu. The event is hosted by longtime Abi friend and beautiful Brazilian-Japanese Pamela de Andrade Hata, who sang on the Abikyokan track Club Romeo back in the day. More info when it becomes known.
There's also a chance Grant will DJing Makino Eri's 13complex event on May 23rd. When we know more, so will you. Till then, see you on Saturday!

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