Saturday, 7 February 2009

AbiNews February 2009

Evening all. Abikyokan! Updates!
The new album, Novaya Zemlya has been set for release on April 11th. On this day we'll be having an album launch party at Arutobenri in Hirai, east Tokyo. The album will be available at the gig for a very special low price, and will feature a number of bonus tracks made in collaboration with some of our favorite bands. After the gig, the main 13-track album, but not the extra tracks, will be available to listen to on our page.
The line-up for the gig hasn't been finalised yet, but you can bet yo arse it will be of the highest quality. TropeN (above) are already confirmed to play their hypnotic brand of electro-dub pop, and the DJs will be the legendary Brazilo-Japanese funkster Antonio Yodobashi and Grant McGaheran from the Kyokan.
Tatsumi and his wife are currently expecting their second baby, so he won't be able to play this gig. Instead, Jake and Grant will be most ably joined on stage by Brendan Smith, AKA Dakko, and there'll be sundry exciting collaborations too. Expect lots of brand new tunes, newer even than the new album. new album tracks too, and Zuper bits radically reworked.
For more information about the gig, contact us, or see the event page.

The Abilads are currently in talks about a possible wider distribution of their music, both on CD and through the intrawebs. Stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy our music in full on our page: Zuper (our last album from 2006), One More Way, a limited gig single from last year, and sundry other baffling, unreleased gems.

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