Saturday, 12 May 2012 - For Everything Abikyokan!

AbiNation! AbiLads! AbiGrlzs!

There is a new place for all things Abikyokan:

Please go there from now for all our live and DJ news, music, videos, photos and more!

This blog will be left here with all its terror and hubris as a chilling warning to future generations.

Go deh!

Craig, Grant, Jacob and Tatsumi - Abikyokan xoxo

Friday, 23 December 2011

Our Chilly Season - Yuletide Greetings From Abikyokan

Merry Holidays all! We, the AbiLads, sincerely wish for your naughty happiness this festive season and a wonderful and hopefully far less dramatic 2012!
This year, as our present to you, we offer a brand new song.
Listen to and download Our Chilly Season on our SoundCloud page.
We hope you like its wintry grooves as much as we do, and here's to more music, more friends and more love in the New Year.
Peace xoxoxo Abikyokan

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Abikyokan Live At Farm Party #7, November 5th!

Remember, remember the 5th of Tokyo's premier avant-pop combo will be making a rare and incendiary appearance at the latest Farm Party!
The boys will be playing their odd-rocks, and Craig and Grant will be DJing spellbinding sine waves, at the much-awaited return of Tokyo Gig Guide’s superb event, now in its seventh episode and at a new venue, Koenji Dynamo, on November 5th, two thousand und 11.
The AbiLads are very much looking forward to playing with our east Tokyo neighbours Living Astro again, and with Jebiotto! and Fancy Numnum for the first time. In addition, AbiNation honorary member and ace DJ Timebred will be spinning some molten mp3s.
It’s only 500 yen, and there’ll be a lot of excellaire music and sexy humans in one small room – how can you resist such a deal?
Get all the info here, and see you there!

Star Panic single #2 - The Room

The long wait is over! Abikyokan's brand new single, the second in the Star Panic series, is now available for free download from our Bandcamp site.
Plus, check out the remarkable video by Craig!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Star Panic Start! FINE GIRL

AbiNation! We trust you are fine. We're ace, thanks.
The first single from our new project Star Panic, Fine Girl, is available to download for a limited time from our Bandcamp now! Head on over there and let us know what you think.
Craig has also made a remarkable video...
Each track will be recorded and released this way, with a video on our Youtube channel and a limited free mp3 download.
After all are released, a compilation will be available for a negligible fee, and pop history will quake in fear, or not.
We love you bye! xoxoxo

Friday, 15 April 2011

Abikyokan Live at Farm Party #6 at Asagaya Gamuso this Friday 4/22★

The Abikyokan boytrons will be wielding their pop bits once again this Friday night, April 22nd at Farm Party #6 at Asagaya Gamuso.
Craig and Grant will both be DJing too.
Abikyokan are the first band on at 7:30, so come early to avoid crushing disappointment and long-lasting despair!

Place: Asagaya Gamuso
Charge: 1000円 plus one 500円 drink
Open/Start: 18:30

AKANE HOSAKA - pico-pico retro-electronica
ヤング・フラッテリィズ - disco performance magic
N'TOKO - Slovenian hip-hop legend

Craig eee (Tokyo Gig Guide, Abikyokan)
Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Timutaku (Alternative Current)
DJ 810 (Chipple, Tokyo's Coolest Sound)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Abikyokan live at Shibuya Pink Cow Tomorrow!

Short notice, we appreciate, but the AbiLads will be playing our Abikyokan things at a music and photography event called Polymorphic tomorrow night, March 26th, at Shibuya Pink Cow. Our own Craig Exton will also be DJing.
It's free entry, so come see what our rockin' pantz can achieve!

at Shibuya Pink Cow
Open: 18:30
Start: 19:00
Charge: none
LIVE: ABIKYOKAN / Paranoid Bee
DJs: CRAIG EEE (Abikyokan, Tokyo Gig Guide), Timutaku (Alternative Current) and more